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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Day 24 BBQ and dragonfly

At the bottom of our patio area there are a number of pots with almost dead plants in. I decided I would try and water them every day to bring them back to life. There is so little green about, the fields look like desert, everywhere is so dry unless they are irrigated. There are lots of plots of land still vacant of buildings due to the poor economy, even where buildings have started to be build they are left unfinished and empty.

Back to my pot plants, yesterday for the first time wild life appeared in the form of a dragonfly and even allowed me to get my camera and take it's photo before if flew away.

We spent part of the day at Zenia, where there is a large shopping area, then back to join the neighbours for another great BBQ.

Brian and Pauline have their niece and her friend staying with them, so together with Pat (the ex-pat neighbour) the seven of us enjoyed good food and great company for the evening.


Saturday, 20 September 2014

Day 23 Fly Past

Friday was a cloudy day, so not quite as hot. Near here the equivilant of our Red Arrows Aircraft team are based and almost every day we get a free airshow.

Usually they are formed into an arrow shape, but yesterday they flew past with trails of smoke and I managed to get a photo.

We had a pretty leisurely day, Chris sunbathing on the roof, me doing a little more cross stitch. At 6.30pm we went to Lui's Lounge Bar for our Friday fish and chips, which was delicious as usual.

After seeing myself in photos (which I hate!) I found this on Facebook...



Friday, 19 September 2014

Day 22 charity market

11am was he start of the charity market so Pauline, Pat and I set off in time for the opening. There were a number of stalls selling, clothes, cards, jewellery, etc.etc all in aid of the charity Help Mercia Mar Menor. This charity helps people of all ages with all sorts of problems.

I managed to buy a blouse, still new with its tags on, and a few odds and ends. I also bought a fancy net curtain that I think will be perfect for my summer house. It cost the princely sum of €1.5, just over £1, so will not break the bank if it does not fit.

For quite a while (actually since I bought the summer house) I have wanted to smarten it up with nice curtains and cushion seats etc. maybe my new curtains will give me the incentive to get it sorted this winter ready for the Spring.

We spent a lazy afternoon, played some crib and sat in the sun. Then we went out to eat and tried a new resturant at Alcazares. The food was delicious we choose from the fixed price evening menu, Chris had salmon cakes starter, then steak followed by a pancake, I had a chicken kebab starter, followed by fish and chips (I just love fish and rarely cook it myself) with ice cream dessert. €14 each.

Back home we closed the house up, having a bit of a problem with the man next door smoking a cigar that wafts into our house, and watched Mrs Henderson Presents on the TV.

Thought you might like to see our weather forecast for the next week... They keep saying it will rain but it never does.



Thursday, 18 September 2014

Day 21 quiz night

Last night Pauline Brian Chris and myself went to the local camp site for a quiz night.

Thinking it started at 8pm we arrived about 7.45 only to find it didn't start until 8.30. We requested a pack of cards and played sevens until the room filled and the quiz started.

This is such a good evening, for two euros you get an evening of entertainment, add an extra euro (75p) and you can play deal or no deal at the end.

The first game was a sheet full of TV quiz show hosts we had to guess their names, we managed to get them all, not sure what this says about our TV habits! There were questions on Africa, Numbers, general knowledge, animals and Hi Ho Silver. We did not win any game but everyone gets a prize.. A bar of chocolate.

The Deal or no Deal game consists of boxes being given to eight or nine members of the audience while one person is chosen by lottery to be the player. It was all good fun and I think he won five euros at the end of the game.

It was way past 11pm when the games finished and we went home, great evening in great company.

A recent sunset.


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Day 21 Sierra de Espuna

Packed a picnic and set off for Mula, via Mercia to start our forest adventure.

The weather is a little cooler today as there is some cloud cover.

As we drive along side acres of oranges, peaches, olives and almonds it is very obvious Spain is experiencing a servere drought. Deep ravines are cut through the soft rocks, and a very precarious bridge crosses a particularly deep pretty gorge.

At Mula we stop to buy fuel and bread then the twisting roads take us to Pliego where ancient tracks were used by shepherds to move stock from summer to winter pastures.

A sharp right turn takes us on the climb through Sierra de Espuna, a large regional park.

The Guide book says "a tortuous mountain road traverses the park through breathtaking mountain scenery". They were not wrong the road is just a series of hairpin bends and very long drops on both sides of the road, but the views are incredible.

We visit the information centre near the top and then stop for lunch and enjoy the quiet and peace.

The forest was originally planted as a solution to the frequent and destructive floods that swept down the Sierra to the villages below. The highest point is 1579m.


Day 20 Aircon and sewing

We have been in Spain for two weeks today and really enjoying ourselves.

Having had no air conditioner since we arrived finally the man arrived to install the new unit, he smiled when I asked him to stop for a photo. It has been a real saga getting this arranged, but the house owner has offered us a discount on next years holiday for all the inconvenience and heat we have had to put up with.

While the aircon was being installed Pauline, Pat and myself had a sewing morning. I had brought four kits to make 'thread catchers' which we all made successfully. I had seen on YouTube a method of turning a pinwheel block into a disappearing nine patch. Pat brought along her sewing machine and I made one (forgot to take a photo) each one of was keen to make some when we get home.

Pat has a new child due in her family so brought along a panel of fabric looking for ideas on what to do with it. After some discussion it was decided to cut it into twelve pieces and sash it to look like a window.

After lunch the workmen had gone and it was wonderful to take a siesta in the cool bedroom and watch Paradise Road on my iPad, a favourite film based on the women interred by the Japanese in WW2.


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Day 19 Wash day

What a pleasure wash day is here, well as much of a pleasure as any wash day!

The roof of the house has a clothes line strung across it and I hung two loads of washing out at 10am knowing it will be dry by early afternoon. The sun is so hot every day. Chris likes to sunbathe on the roof but it is much too hot for me.

At home it is often a case of hanging it out, fetching it in, hanging it out again or as a last resort using my tumble drier. The weather is never predictable enough to know it will dry in a day.

The rest of Monday was spent reading and playing games on my iPad until the evening when we went shopping. After dinner Pauline and Brian joined us for a game of cards.


Monday, 15 September 2014

Day 18 A Sunday adventure

I really wanted to go to church, but the nearest Chapel was 45 minutes away on roads I was not sure of, in a car I am not used to driving (manual and I drive automatic at home) plus the Spainish drive on the right!

Undeturred I set off and forgot on Sunday everyone that owns a racing bike seems to be on the road. The town of Torrevieja is full of narrow winding streets but my Sat Nav (Shaun) got me there OK and I even managed to find a parking spot not too far from the building.

Knowing the service would be in Spanish and I do not speak a word of the language I was prepared to just feel the spirit and enjoy the experience. Was I in for a surprise, I met two Sisters in the hall one an ex-pat from England the other from Holland. I was asked me to sit with the one from Holland and then enjoyed shaking hands and being greeting kissed by everyone.

Another sister sat on the other side of me and "small world" she had lived in Northampton ten years ago and knew some of the people from my home chapel.

The hymn books were of course in Spanish but I had brought my own so at least I could join in the hymns, wrong! the numbers were not the same. To my suprize the English speaking members of the congregation were handed headsets and one of the Missionaries translated the speakers as best he could.

It was a wonderful experience and I was so glad I had made the effort to attend.


Sunday, 14 September 2014

Day 17 Grand Design House

Saddle up for the Elche kids, the advert said.

A charity Horse and Flamenco Show Spectacular at Casa la Pedrera.


I love Flamenco so we booked tickets and drove to the house that featured on the TV show Grand Design for the 6pm start. The place was buzzing with people all looking for a little shade, we joined an English couple that live locally at their table. There was not much shade anywhere but a bit of breeze from the lake the house overlooks.

Jenni Ray the owner of this amazing house and grounds introduced the performers, and four Flamenco dancers entertained us. Then it was time to move to the horse arena for a spectacular show of horsemanship. Jenni's daughters, Eden and Linzi performed tricks on their horse Aero. While Juan dressed in traditional attire seemed to make his horse perform without a word of command. Maria was amazing on her horse, standing on it and finally hanging on by one foot upside down, she also rode it with no bridle.

At the interval Paella and Hamburgers were available.. Yummy.


All the horses at the Casa were rescue horses that no one could cope with, one had had nine previous owners. What dedication these young girls have.


It was a wonderful evening and one I would love to go to again.