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Friday, 3 July 2015

July IAM meeting

Another great day with a full compliment of IAM ladies.
Crochet is certainly very popular among the group, we all blame Shirley for showing us how to crochet and the money we are spending on wool!
It was nice to see Clare working on her lace pillow, making a bookmark for her husband.
Maureen was working on "old faithful" Lowry tapestry, looks like it may be completed soon.
Others were knitting, crocheting and quilting. Plus there was lots of chat and laughs with of course the regular "medical up dates on everyone"!
Here are a few photos of the show and tell.
Shirley with yet another crochet blanket

Penny with her machine embroidery and patchwork quilt for Linus 

Penny's crochet blanket

Maureen''s book cushion, with pocket for book etc on the back
together with the rear end of the elephant!

Clare's machine embroidered table runner

Thursday, 2 July 2015

The apple

Last year Aldi, or was it Lidl? had fruit trees for sale for about £3 each, so I bought two and planted them in large pots. I hasten to add I am very much a "if it grows.. great, if not .. out it goes" kind of gardener. For example everyone I know usually has a problem with  mint plants going wild and smothering their gardens, not me, I cannot tell you how many times I have tried to grow it in my herb garden. I have bought plants at garden centres, been given plants "that cannot fail" but guess what, all dead!  I may have cracked the mint problem as I now have a straggly looking plant in a pot on my windowsill. Back to the apple trees, the two I bought were a Bramley and something else, I've lost the label and cannot remember its name. Guess what... ONE apple is already the size of an apricot. Yes there is only one apple but I call that a success.
My first apple

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Lily Pond progress

Part seven of the Lily Pond CAL was released yesterday and there are four flower blocks to make. Plus I still have four part eight blocks to make and the border.
Yesterday was just one of the hottest days around here, so what did I do ? I sewed the parts I have completed together while watching the tennis at Wimbledon on TV, where they registered 40+ degrees! We registered 35 degrees here. Hot Hot Hot and I was covered in a blanket that I was sewing together!
At one point I went off this CAL but now I cannot wait to complete it, I love it.
The four holes are for part seven blocks, while the spaces in the corners are for part eight blocks.

FlyLady came to visit

Some time ago I joined FlyLady.net  but Only a few days ago I decided to "get with the programme!"
Basically you split your house into Zones and spend 15 mins a day for a week [ except Sunday] in that zone cleaning, decluttering etc..  There are tips about starting some general good habits. Plus lots of ideas and much motivation.
Take a look at her web site, join if you like... it's free.
Every morning and afternoon she emails a message.  You can opt for more messages but two a day is enough for me at the moment.
So far this week I have enrolled Chris to help and each day we do a "job" around the house. He does not know he is a flylady!  The paper recycling bin was extremely full on Monday with copies of census etc that I had been saving from my family research... why??? did I keep all this paper, when I have everything on my computer, plus it is freely available on Ancestry.com and FindMy Past etc.
Both bathrooms have been Spring cleaned and a lot of other jobs that SO needed doing were amazingly done in 15 mins blocks.
I hasten to add I am new to the FlyLadys site and still have a lot to learn, but as she says "baby steps" and
 "You are not behind! I don't want you to try to catch up;
I just want you to jump in where we are. O.K.?"

Watch this space if I can keep myself motivated this house is going to shine shine shine!

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Memories of my aunt

 Edna W Harris 21 Oct 1924 to 30 Jul 2015.

Sadly today my Aunt died. She was my fathers youngest sister, and I have such wonderful memories of her and her husband Uncle Jimmy.
Part of Christmas was always spent in their large dining room, sometimes twenty plus around the table. November the fifth, bonfire night, was always a big celebration where family and friends stood around a large bonfire in their garden. We all took fireworks to make a wonderful display and Aunty made her famous bonfire toffee. Every Christmas she would make me a jar of lemon curd, and loved to collect the little things I used to hand make for her.
She is the last of that generation of my family. I am glad she managed to reach her 90th birthday and we all gathered to see her. May she rest in peace.
Aunty Edna, photo taken my my dad.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Notre Dame High School trip

I am having a "declutter " session and came across these two photos.

My guess is I am about 15 years old, just look at the hair !!  and where did I find two boys to ride around with ? We all had to wear our school blazers, but luckily the dresses, shoes and hats were left at home.
I'm sitting at the far back, showing my knees!

Do you remember the beehive hair style? I worked really hard on mine.

A bit of catching up

Where have the last few days gone? I'm sure the days were longer when I was younger.
Since my last post we spent the last day of our holiday at Wroxham Barns and Potter Heigham, both great places, although the store in Potter Heigham is now so large it was a job to walk around and see everything.  There is a nice sewing shop in Wroxham Barns and I managed to buy a set of bag handles, well actually I bought three sets, they were so nice!

Friday we returned home to enough laundry to open a Launderette... having to take our own towels and bedding, although not a problem, did mean there was a lot of washing.

Saturday we were out for the day at Gaydon Car Museum to attend a Land Rover Defender day. When we arrived we were asked if we would like to park in the main arena as they wanted as many LR Defenders in there as possible. This was a great advantage as it is quite a walk for me from the car park. After a stroll around the museum I went back to the car and worked on my crochet while Chris oohed and aahed over the displays. It was a lovely warm day and the 99 ice cream he brought me went down a treat.
Shaun the Sheep Land Rover

I want one! A two seater red monster

Cars from the movies

Lady Penelope's pink Thunder Birds car.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

The sun comes out

Yesterday we decided to have a restful day and luckily the sun came out. Most of the day was spent working on my Lily Pond crochet blanket.

We ventured out to the 'on site' resturant/cafe for lunch, we were the only ones there. The scampi and chips were excellent. Chris then went for a long walk around the camp site to the beach and back.

Our outdoor chairs had their first airing and we sat outside enjoying the warm sun.


Green Lane and Byways day

Leaving the chalet we drove to Holt, about an hour away, to venture into the wilds of Norfilk.

Chris decided to travel the "fords" route we had tried a few months ago. The lanes crisis cross a number of streams and waterways, some are suitable for an ordinary car but most are too deep unless you are in a 4x4, some are just plain crazy! It's the plain crazy ones we like the most.

Many of the lanes were very overgrown with tree branches scratching the sides and roof of the car, more battle scars to add to the collection.

The weather was rather grey but other than a few spots of rain it was most dry. Hares were scampering across our tracks, always a fun thing to see. Everywhere we drove there were banks of Oxide Daisies and beautiful red poppies.


A few hold ups as we travel these narrow lanes, firstly a bad accident caused us to a long diversion route and then tree cutting blocked our way, but it was fun watching the guy in the cherry picker cutting off branches and shredding them.

A quick stop at Walsingham to use the facilities and listen to the beautiful music coming from the Sanctuary. It is such a peaceful place full of atmosphere. A group of about 20 students were doing the Stations of the Cross.

Approaching the scariest water crossing, quite wide and next to a working mill stream gushing in from the left hand side (my side as a passenger!)


Monday, 22 June 2015

The Potters Wheel

Today we had a trip to Gt Yarmouth Pottery. I had prebooked a morning of "having a go" plus touring the museum. It is an amazing place set in the town wall. Originally the Old Herring Smokehouse built using the timbers of wrecked ships. We were greeted with some of the history, before making our way to become master potters. Ernie the potter was a delight while he told us stories and explained what to do.

After the pots were made, we had a drink and then took a tour of the building. If you ever get a chance to have this experience I fully recommend it. BUT be quick they are retiring at the end of the year and it will never be the same.

A careful drive back to the chalet to let my pot and Chris's jug dry out. Brilliant day.


Fathers Day

The family came for a visit today and we had great fun with the granddaughters and catching up with all the news with Richard and Jacq. I forgot to take many photos, but here are a couple.

Father and son washing up!

Jacq and Eleanor !!

Me and Abigail taking a Selfi



The beach is far below the cliffs, the family went to enjoy the sand, but I stayed on the cliff top with an ice cream. Well it would not be a holiday without an ice cream.


California Sands

Friday we set off for a week in a chalet at California Sands, Gt Yarmouth. Having never been in a chalet before I was so pleasantly surprised at the amount of space and the fairly new facilities. 415 California Sands is spotless and has everything we need, including being in a peaceful spot.


Thursday, 18 June 2015

BSK Bedford Day

Just home from another great day at BSK Bedford. Six of us spent the day machine embroidering different patterns. The walls of the room we use are covered in ideas that we can use. Plus the fabric is a reasonable price and always a good selection.
I could not resist buying enough to use as a backing for a quilt I am making, even though I told myself not to buy anything today as I am going on holiday tomorrow.  Just shows I never listen even when I talk to myself!
The designs I sewed out will either be a bag or a cushion probably for my gardening sister.
Walls lined with ideas

What to choose next?

Caz [ the teacher] wandering past a display of machines

A back and front for a bag or cushion made by me.


Wow just look at my eldest granddaughter performing at a Gym Fest.
Such long legs!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Hamtune Quilters

Just a little update on my knees and the pain I have been having. I saw the Specialist on Monday and was very surprised when he sent me for knee and hip X rays. However it turns out sometimes knee pain can be caused by your hips.. bodies certainly work in strange ways. I'm happy and relieved to say the new knee joint is fine and still stuck in place :-) however the arthritis in my hips and knees although not severe is not helping. The muscles in my knees are swollen and by taking it easy should repair themselves. I go back to see him in six weeks. I will continue to rub Weleda Arnica oil into them, which I am sure is helping bring the swelling down.

Last night I attended the meeting of Hamtune quilters. Susie Corke was the speaker, and the talk was titled "My Quilts".
What a wonderful and varied display of her beautiful work, from her very first quilt to her latest UFO. Most were hand pieced and hand quilted. I forgot to take my camera but managed to find a photo of one of her prize winning quilts. The photo does not do the quilt justice, it was magnificent in real life.
Harrogate Quilt show

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

843824 stitches

I cannot believe how long it has taken me to machine embroider Nature Sketches by Anita Goodesign. My Brother 4000D machine has been going almost non stop for days.

There are 20 blocks and I rewound the bobbin 37 times !! For the fun of it I made a note of the number of stitches... yes... 843824. I also used two complete reels of Marathon thread for the dark grey flowers in every block. Goodness knows how many different colours of thread I used for the butterflies and birds, but I could do with an assistant [or fairy godmother] to come and put them all back in their correct boxes!

Having said all this I am really pleased with the blocks and hope to incorporate them into a single bed size quilt. My thoughts are to make a load more blocks with different coloured borders [ same Dimple fabric as the grey] and put simple machine embroidery quilt designs on them.
Machine embroidered birds and butterflies
This block is the same size as the small blocks above.
I have lots of colours of this Dimples fabric
Thinking of making enough blocks like this to complete the quilt
Unless I can think of something else.
Any ideas?

Bobbin wound 37 times! Two reels of Marathon thread used and an empty spool of bobbin thread used.