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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Finish up Saturday

I started my Saturday with a list of things I wanted to accomplish, most involving finishing things I have already started..

Another block for Abigail's quilt went together well.

Back to my Lily Pond crochet, hope to crack on with it now my hand is feeling slightly better.

Thursday I attended my usual monthly workshop at BSK Bedford and machine embroidered a pretty white on white cushion cover, so that was near the top of the list and I'm pleased to say it is finished.
Hard to photograph white on white, but there are pretty butterflies around the edge.

Friday I took myself off to Colemans Warehouse to attend another workshop. This was the first time I had been to this venue for a workshop. My trusty Pfaff was my choice of sewing machine for the day. Every time I use the Pfaff, which is now about 15 years old, I wonder why I do not use it more, it is such a good workhorse.
Introductions were made and the teacher Trish gave us all our fabric and extras. The workshop was 10am to 1.30pm and boy did it go quickly! Suddenly it was time to leave and I had almost completed the project. It is now finished.
I so enjoyed this workshop and venue I signed up for another workshop in May!

Difficult to find anywhere to hang it for the photo.

Summer House makeover

My little summer house has been rather neglected for the past year or so. Time for a makeover.
Starting with the roof Chris is re-felting it and replacing the broken wood surround.

It needs a coat of paint both inside and out, I have chosen a Seagrass colour for the insides and the outside will be dark brown to match his shed.

I am thinking of putting net curtains at the windows instead of fabric curtains. I already have a large quantity of new nets that someone gave me.

The carpet has been refitted and as I had a few spare carpet tiles I have replaced the worn and faded ones. I would have liked to replace them all but my budget will not run to it.

At the next BSK machine embroidery day I have chosen to make green cushions covered in different butterflies that I think will look nice on my summer house chairs.

All we need now is lots of nice sunny days this summer, and some time to get everything done would also help!
Chris fixing new felt to the roof.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Lily Pond crochet along [CAL]

I have at last started my Stylecraft Crochet Along, Lily Pond designed by Jane Crowfoot.
Block One was released on April 7th and will be every two weeks until July 14th. This is a free design so feel free to join me.

The first block calls for 6 different balls of wool, as I have no imagination when it comes to choosing wool and colours I am using the recommended items.
So that I do not forget which colour is which I have wound some wool around a peg and put it's name on it. I think I first saw this idea on Attic 24 or Moogly website.
Keeping a check on the wool colours

Progress so far [it is level on the right hand side... turned under when  I got the camera out!]
Since starting to crochet again after 50+ years of not doing any, my thumb and hand have been really playing me up with arthritis. I have used Tiger Balm to help the pain but as I am still struggling have ordered two sets of ergonomic crochet hooks to see if they help.
 If anyone has any ideas to help please leave a comment.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

A trip around the garden

Before the granddaughters arrived we were very busy in the garden.
Ten new fish, hopefully not Heron food.. he visited us last week but I don't think he managed to get a fish.

A new fence as the old one blew down in the strong winds recently

New herbs in the little herb garden outside the back door.

The back lawn has suddenly been filled with violets,I did not plant them and have never seen them in the lawn before!

Chris worked hard building a retaining wooden wall at the front of the house.
We have planted six Cotoneaster plants through weed suppressor mesh to cover the area

Cleaned out and relined the hanging baskets to add colour to the front of the house

Chris covering the mesh with blue slate to match the blue slate at the side of the drive.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

BBQ weather

Last day of the girls being here and the weather is glorious. The vote went up for a "silly hat BBQ"
which meant Grandad had to clean off the BBQ that had not been used in over a year!
The summer house was organised, luckily I had cleaned it out  before Easter so we did not have to eat with the over wintering spiders !
The girls again made cheezy filled jacket potatoes to go with the beefburgers and hotdogs with mushrooms Grandad was cooking.
We all found silly hats and had a really fun time eating outside in the sunshine.
Grandad at the BBQ

Feeding the fish

Silly hat parade

After the fun outside we all moved indoors and the girls decided to wreck the lounge by opening up a post office, shop, zoo and goodness knows what else. I moved into my Happy room and worked on my crochet, and Grandad disappeared somewhere [ probably his shed!]
Shop fun
It has been a wonderful four days with the grandaughters.
Awoke this morning to pouring rain and a very quite house miss them already.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Easter Holidays with the granddaughters

Tuesday Abigail and Eleanor arrived for a four day stay. I always love it when they come to stay but feel so exhausted by the time they leave!
They like to plan their stay, so the first thing was to use the calender boards they made and add as many activities as they can into each day.
Donning aprons I had brought them back from Spain they prepared the dinner [ with a little help]
A gammon joint was put into the oven by Abigail, while Eleanor prepared the jacket potatoes.

Jacket potatoes filled with cheesy mash, gammon and vegetables made for a yummy dinner.

A visit to Abingdon Park, which was so crowded it was hard to get near any of the swings etc,
but they had fun with Granddad on this twirly thing!

Eleanor taking a dive!

Eleanor making two bunny bags on the Singer Featherweight.

Abigail making a quilt block on the Brother sewing machine.

Well done Abigail on this great block.
Made by sewing four sets of  two charm squares together 1/4" around all sides,
then cutting on the two diagonals.
Re-arrange the new pieces to make this design.

Filled with  Easter chocolates, Eleanor did a wonderful job making these bags.

Eleanor playing with stickers and cards, while Abigail works on her crochet.

Abigail's first piece of crochet, she has managed chains, double stitch and treble stitch,
including Granny stitch [ well I think that's what it is called.]

Off to the gym for Rhythmic Gymnastic lesson.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Abigail at the Royal Albert Hall

After lunch we set off to collect Richard, Jacqueline and Eleanor and were on our way to the Royal Albert Hall. As I have a blue badge disabled ticket we were lucky enough to get one of the only ten free parking spaces right outside the door of the RAH.  We found a bar to have a sandwich and soft drink before taking our seats in the Choir circle, the only seats Jacq could get. As the performances were in the round we were fine but had a limited view of the arena.

Albert watching over the Royal Albert Hall
Arriving at the Hall
24 dance schools took part with over one thousand children, and Abigail's dance school were to be the last to perform.
Sitting in the Choir stalls
At the interval we stretched our legs and I asked a nice friendly usherette if there was any chance we could move as we had limited vision, a couple of minutes later she tapped me on the shoulder and we all followed her to an empty box she had found us with brilliant views of the whole arena.

A move to a private box with a great view
The whole show was wonderfully organised and of course Abigail was THE star, and her group performed to a very high standard.
The finale

Even amongst 1000 children we found Abigail [ see the arrow!]

Saturday, 4 April 2015

The Royal Albert Hall

Today is such a special day, Abigail our eldest granddaughter age 11 years, is performing with her ballet school at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

She had to leave early this morning, so I 'borrowed' her Mum's photo from facebook to show you her getting ready to leave.
We will be leaving this afternoon to see her performance tonight.
Abigail getting ready to catch the coach to London

Friday, 3 April 2015

Home a week

I cannot believe we have been home a week and I have not found the time or energy to write on my blog!  We have however been very busy in the garden, widening the drive with a triangle of slate pieces, building a wooden wall to hold the earth at the front of the house in a better position, clearing out one compost heap and closing down the other one, plus a myriad of gardening jobs.
On top of all this the gales earlier in the week blew the side fence down, luckily we have found someone to come and replace it on Monday.
I'll take you on a tour around the things we have done [ maybe not the compost heap !!] when the weather improves and I can get out there with my camera.

Yesterday was our monthly IAM meeting, and as Shirley was off celebrating her Golden wedding, Pauline joined us for the day. The day went so quickly with all the chatter and cake eating, plus quite a bit of crochet, quilting, knitting, tapestry and lacemaking was achieved.
Here are just a few of the items that appeared for the ever popular "Show and Tell".
Dorn's Linus quilt

Penny's Easter bags

Jenny's cuddly hooded waistcoat

Pauline's table runner

Clare's blue bag

Clare's machine embroidered poppy cushion

Ann's baby crochet blanket

Some of my granny squares [only about another 70 to go !]

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Splish Splash in the Land Rover !

This is our last full day on holiday in Norfolk. It has rained all night and although still raining we decide to travel the Byways and BOATs following a route in a magazine.

We start near Holt and soon find ourselves going through the first of many Fords, some a lot deeper than others, some quite scary and all give the car a good soaking. I manage to get out at some of them to take photos.

The journey takes us past Walsingham, so we stop and walk through the grounds to the Chapel. It is very peaceful. The Shrine of our Lady of Walsingham was established in 1061, when according to tradition Richeldis de Faverches prayed that she might undertake some special work in honour of Our Lady.

She built a replica of the house where , in Nazareth, the Annunciation took place. Over the years it has become a favourite place of pilgrimage for Roman Catholics. Today over 250000 pilgrims and tourists visit the site annually.
The final leg of our journey takes us through yet another Ford, this one quite deep and wide, at the side of a mill where the water rushes in. I'm really glad Chris does not break down in the middle I would not have liked to get out and paddle! The sun has now come out as we make our way back to Heacham.