Friday, 12 February 2016

Day 22 Quesada 2

As its Friday we arranged to meet our friend Pat and together with Pauline and Brian all went to Quesada2 Resturant for fish and chips. We had such a nice chatty time I completely forgot to take any photos. They all came back to our place, mainly so Pat could see it.

Needing a few bits of shopping we headed for one of Chris's favourite China shops where he bought a set of windscreen wiper blade, so much cheaper here in Spain, for his Land Rover. I added a few more steps to my FitBit and wandered around the store. In fact I managed over 3000 steps today.

Spent the evening watching Jesse Stone movies, love that series, with Tom Sellick. Also completed a few more rows of my crochet blanket.


Thursday, 11 February 2016

Day 21 Thursday

Weather rather overcast, yes when I resort talking about the weather you can guess nothing much happened today. After my extra exercise yesterday I have been rather suffering, so an easy day was on the cards.

Early this morning I went for a short walk around the block and there are so few flowers in people's gardens, mostly palm trees, lemon and orange trees so the odd flowering plant really stands out against the white painted walls.


Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Day 20 Fit Bit

Since buying my FitBit Charge, it was difficult to connect it to my iPad as it is too old. Luckily Chris did not give up trying and eventually he managed to load the Fitbit trial and then transfer it to my purchased gadget. All a bit beyond me but by using his Bluetooth on his phone I can transfer the data through an app to my poor old iPad. Do I sound like I know what I am talking about? Because I have no idea really how he did it.

I am so lucky being married to a Mr FixIt.

Bearing in mind I have one dodgy replacement knee and the other knee is worn out I just want to try and do a little more exercise, no marathons or ten mile hikes.

It is now five days since I could register the steps I take. 2165, 3346, 2579, 2670 and today I even won a badge for 5171 steps walking 2.23 miles and burning 1823 calories. I am amazed I have managed so much even though I had to resort to a couple of paracetamol for the knee pain. Hopefully it will get better as I try to do more.

We had another beautiful sunrise this morning, 7am saw me climbing up to the roof terrace to take a couple of photos. I just love these pretty skies.

The weather forecast was for a chance of rain, but instead we had a warm overcast day and ate most meals outside.


Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Day 19 Pancake day

Ok can you cope with one more lemon blog? I just had to share a picture of this lemon I just picked,think it's heading for the Guiness book of records !

Being pancake day we went to a little fun day with the Samaritans. They had advertised they were making free pancakes, we shared one between us for a donation, plus I also bought a blouse in their charity shop.

Miss Lemon and I having a giggle

Pancakes served with lemon, sugar and maple syrup, so yummy.

We came across a shopping precinct we had not visited before, but most of the shops were selling the same things as any other precinct. I could not manage to fill my shopping bag!

We then drove to Quesada a few miles away and found a lovely Argentina Resturant where we shared a mixed grill, absolutely brilliant, we must mark this in the note book for a return visit.

Loved the bottled still water, really wanted to keep the bottle, but thought better of it. It might have been the last straw in the car which I have no idea how we will cram everything into.


Monday, 8 February 2016

Day 18 Juicer

A shopping trip this morning to find a juicer. I had checked on Amazon the price in the UK to give me some idea if they were any cheaper over here. YES about half the price so one slipped into my basket together with 3 kilo of oranges for €1.99, that's about £1.50. I will be a happy juicer from now on.

A visit to C & A to buy a new top, resulted in two new tops. While I was in there I asked about the conversion size for a new bra, looks like I'm at least 105 !! No way am I buying a bra that size! It's more than double what I am at home!

We had a nice walk along the promenade at Punto Prima beach. The wind was a little chilly but the sun was shining.

Does anyone know what this plant is? It seems to grow like weed but I thought it really pretty.


Sunday, 7 February 2016

Day 17 Lemons

Having used lemon juice on my hair, leaving it for ten minutes and the washing it off, I seem to have cured my itchy head. OK I smell like a lemon tree and flies seem to love me, but it is such a relieve to stop the itchiness. A plus is my hair is shiny and feels very soft.

Continuing the lemon theme I thought I would have a go at making lemonade. I found a juicer at the back of the cupboard and the lemon tree in the garden is full of lemons ready for picking, plus a neighbour gave me a bag full!


Remember I have limited facilities here in our rented holiday villa. I mixed a cup of water with a cup of sugar ( well I think it's sugar, I found it in the cupboard and it tasted like sugar!) heated the two together until the sugar melted. Worked out how to use the juicer and found three lemons made a cup of juice extremely quickly, I now want / need / must have a juicer like this. I mixed the lemon juice into the sugar syrup. Problem there are tiny bits of lemon seeds floating on the top what can I use as a strainer? I searched the cupboards and the only thing I could find were a pack of new Jcloths, they would have to do. Having strained the liquid I tried a glass with fifty lemon to fifty water, yummy yummy yummy.


I am now a lemon convert inside and out.

May add a little more lemon juice next time to make it a little sharper.



Saturday, 6 February 2016

Day 16 Saturday

Started the day taking Pauline to collect the Medicines prescribed to her at the hospital yesterday. She said the treatment she received was really helping her but with so many drugs inside her did not want to drive. I was more than happy to help. we also did some shopping at Mercadona.

The day started very overcast with only brief periods of sun, so Chris and I took a ride to look at another rental house. It was difficult to find in a maze of streets all with South American names. The house turned out to be really nice but I think the steep streets will probably put me off, plus it was not within walking distance of cafe and shops.

A cake and cuppa with the Whites before they joined us for dinner and a game of cards.

Richard emailed great news, both girls are performing at the Royal Albert Hall and he has managed to get us tickets over the Easter holidays. The last time Abigail performed there was a very nice evening.


Friday, 5 February 2016

Day 15

Such a beautiful start to the day, the sky showing all its glory.

The maintenance man arrived as promised at 9.30 to work on the broken shutter. Chris helped him remove three of the slats and make a temporary fix.

Pauline called to say her arm/neck were so much worse and she would go to the emergency hospital. Last year I had to make a visit there so was able to tell her what to expect. It is always scary in a foreign country where you do not speak the language too well. Eventually she spent the whole day been seen but hopefully the treatment will give her some relief.

A lunch time visit to Quesada resturant for fish and chips was extremely nice, then it was back to the villa to soak up the hot sun all afternoon. Not a good diet day!


Thursday, 4 February 2016

Day 14 candles

Not a lot happening today other than a really nice visit with Pauline and Brian. The weather is very overcast which is just as well as the shutter on the door leading to the garden (sunny side of the house normally) broke this morning and cannot be opened. Luckily the people who look after the house and live locally have arranged for someone to come and mend it tomorrow.

Movie night this evening with lots of pretty candles burning. I love the little tea lights in coloured containers, in fact I like them so much I have bought three packs to take home. I'm beginning to wonder if we will need to buy a trailer for the all the goodies I keep buying I'm sure the car will not be big enough!



Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Day 13 time for a walk

Sun seems to be hiding behind a cloud today, I think the temperature only rose to mid sixties.

We needed some shopping so tried the Mercadona store for a change and managed to get most things on the list. We also paid a visit to MediaMart to see their prices on a FitBit that I have wanted for some time. It was a little dearer than I could get on Amazon in England so we tried the Alcampo store next. They had the same machine €15 dearer but in red my favourite colour. I asked if they would price match and they did plus an extra €1 off, so I am now the proud owner of a FitBit Charge.

I tried and tried to connect it to my iPad until I reached screaming point, over to Mr Fixit. Chris then spent quite sometime only to find my IPad is too old, this looks like it's going to be an Expensive way of tracking my steps if I have to have a new iPad ! However he found a way we can connect to my main computer back home and then transfer it or something to my iPad.

I am hoping the fitbit will encourage me to take more exercise to add to the Candis diet plan I am on. I'm afraid I am not going to be running marathons as my own knee, as opposed to my metal knee, has been really playing me up.


Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Day 12 bargain

Bargain of the day were six zips for 60 cents, that's about 45p. I thought they were such good value, and a size I use often for making little bags and purses in the hoop on my embroidery machine, that I bought three packets. In fact I am in a zipped bag /purse made in the hoop swap when I get home, so at least I'm ready with the Zips!

I have been busy working on my crochet and pleased with the progress so far. The pale colours are such a change for me as I usually go for bright colours. It is lovely to be able to sit outside in the sun to crochet.


Monday, 1 February 2016

Day 11 February 1st.

For the past two weeks I have had a very itchy head, it has got worse and been driving me mad. I awoke this morning thinking I must brave the Pharmacy, which is not easy when you do not speak the language, and do something about it. Then it occurred to me to look on the Internet for a cure, why had I not thought of this before?

A homemade cure was lemon juice, bingo, we have a large lemon tree growing in the garden and I had picked one yesterday. It was early but I could not wait to try the cure... I squeezed out the juice and rubbed it into my head... Agh agh agh ! I suffered the stinging for ten minutes and then showered it off. So far so good nowhere as itchy today and I will repeat it tomorrow.

The most exciting thing that has happened today is a clean car for the costly price of €3, I was beginning to feel really ashamed of the state of it.

For those of you that are suffering in the cold, we had a really hot day today and I would send you some sun if I could. In fact I will probably be suffering with too much sunburn tonight.


Sunday, 31 January 2016

Day 10 Sunday 31st January

Early this morning I checked the weather on my iPad. Looks like we are in for a nice day and it will turn even warmed later in the week, sorry Northampton (home) yours does not look good.


The large Sunday market that we try and make one visit to while here on holiday was our destination for this morning. It is such a colourful place selling everything you could wish for. Some of the stalls are permanent buildings but mostly they are set up on the day. It is very popular with the ex-pat population and often called the English market because so many English go to it.

One stall was offering eyebrow, upper lip, etc hair removal. I decided to give it a try and had a sore upper lip area for the next fifteen minutes!

We met Pauline and Brian who had gone there for breakfast, there is a large selection of places to eat and drink. At one stall a group of men were drinking something in shot glasses at 9 am ! Another stall was offering a bun, coffee and brandy.

During the afternoon Chris helped the Whites with their TV and DVD, as they were having lots of problems using them. Although the day was sunny it was quite windy. We all played cards in the evening.